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This section aims to provide links to wheelie bin related news stories concerning local authority and governmental waste management policies.

A current hot topic is the plan by some local authorities to reduce wheelie bin sizes used for landfill.  The whole process of local authority waste management seems to be riddled with twists and turns.  Many people see wheelie bins as the answer to a centralised waste management and recycling policy while others claim that wheelie bins actually work against recycling strategies in that they encourage people to be lazy about recycling, it is argued smaller waste containers may be preferable as they encourage people to sort their dometic refuse properly before putting it out for collection.  Having spent millions of pounds over the years deploying standard size 240 Liter wheelie bins some councils are now replacing the standard black landfill bin with a much smaller size such as the 140 Liter model.

Related News

Want A Bigger Wheelie Bin?  Show Us Your Birth Certificate!

An article on the Daily Telegraph online news site in 2012 suggested that some councils are demanding to see proof of family size before allowing them to be issued with large wheelie bins.  It has been suggested that one council even demanded to see birth certificates.

Latest News

Birmingham City Council Denies It Is Using Google Street View To Decide Who Should Have Wheelie Bins

Some somewhat bizarre stories have surfaced recently that Birmingham City Council has been using Google Street view to view people's properties in able to decide whether or not they should have a wheelie bin issued to them.  It seems such rumors started online but the council have denied this is the case and that all streets have been visited in person.