Wheelie Bins Storage & Screening

Wheelie Bin Screening

Wheelie Bin Storage Solutions allow you to hide your wheelie bins from public view.  While Wheelie Bins are a practical solution to domestic waste management they are not particularly attractive.  Of course it is possible to decorate your wheelie bins with stickers or vinyl coverings but if you want to remove your wheelie bins from site entirely then screening provides a discrete solution.

Wheelie Bin Screens

Woven Willow Wheelie Bin Screens

Typically made from woven willow, these screens provide a simple solution to the problem of hiding your wheelie bins from public view.

Double Willow Wheelie Bin Screen

This beautiful woven willow wheelie bin screen contains a strong metal framework to prevent bending or warping.

Ideal for small gardens where you don't have the space to hide your wheelie bins out of the way this elegant solution ensures that your wheelie bins won't spoil your view while you enjoy your garden or patio.

The ideal solution to discretely hide your wheelie bins from sight.

  • Attractive willow based construction.
  • Strong integral metal frame.
  • Storage for two full size 240 Liter Wheelie Bins.
  • Hinged side panels for easy access.
  • Helps deter scavengers.

Wheelie Bin Storage Sheds & Containers

Wooden Wheelie Bin Sheds

A particularly attractive and secure method of storing your wheelie bins is to purchase a wooden built storage container.  Similar to a small garden tool storage unit a wheelie bin shed allows you to store up to three standard 240 liter wheelie bins out of site in an attractive timber constructed storage module.  Not only does this method hide your wheelie bin from sight but it prevents your bins from being blown over in strong winds.  There is also the added benefit that your wheelie bins are protected from being raided by animals such as foxes or domestic cats.

Wooden Outdoor Wheelie Bin Shed

This smart timber based wheelie bin shed hides your wheelie bins from view and helps keep animals away from your bins at night.

The shed features to fron panels that allow you to pull your bin in and out and a hinged top to make it easy to place rubbish inside your wheelie bins

An innovative way to discretely hide your wheelie bins from sight.

  • Attractive timber based construction.
  • Hinged lid for filling bin.
  • Storage for two full size 240 Liter Wheelie Bins.
  • Hinged front panels for easy access.
  • Helps deter scavengers.

Plastic Wheelie Bin Storage Containers

An alternative solution would be to purchase a plastic wheelie bin storage container.  Although more expensive than willow wheelie bin screens, plastic wheelie bin storage containers offer enhanced protection for your wheelie bins from pests such as foxes and other animals.  Animals foraging for food in wheelie bins can be a problem particularly in rural areas.  Storing your wheelie bins inside  plastic wheelie bin storage containers, not only hide wheelie bins from public view but can prevent intrusion from animals etc.

Do You Manufacture Wheelie Bin Storage Products?

We are always interested to hear about additional wheelie bin storage products.  Please contact us if you are interested in advertising your wheelie bin storage products or wheelie bin screening products.